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This is Important – There are tens of millions of employees in America today who are working for small companies where they may be just a “heartbeat” away from losing their jobs.

If the owner of a small business does not have a durable succession plan in place, then there is no safety net to protect his or her employees from losing their jobs.

IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF A SMALL BUSINESS, “Next Step” is here to help you find a successor who can keep your business from going under if you want to retire or if you are no longer able to run it.

“Next Step” is here to help YOU, IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO START OR TO BUY AND TO RUN A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN. If you are ready to learn what makes a certain business “tick” and to step up and do what needs to be done NEXT STEP can help you.

If you are completing an MBA program, or are retiring from the armed services or want to own and run your own business, NEXT STEP can help you become the protégé of an older entrepreneur who is ready to pass the torch so their company can remain vital and effective.

Small Business Next Step welcomes you if you are on either side of the equation. If you are a business owner who wants to finally solve your problem of having no succession plan, NEXT STEP is here to help you. If you are an entrepreneurial leaning person who is ready to step up to the plate, NEXT STEP is here to help you meet the owner of a small business who is looking for someone just like you.

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For additional information e-mail NEXT STEP at npe@smallbusinessnextstep.com or call NEXT STEP at (800)839-2929.

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