Small Business Next Step

When times get tough, the tough get going ... and start their own business.

The vast majority of Americans work for someone else or for a company to earn their living. But, there are those brave hearted souls who risk everything and open a company that either makes something or performs a service of some kind and offers those goods and or services for sale to others for a price.

There are all sorts of institutions and organizations to come to the aid of workers for all sorts of reasons: safety, fair and equitable pay and treatment or when they need up-to-date training to make them more employable or to help them find a new position when the old one comes to an end for one reason or another.

Big businesses have stock holders and deep pocketed owners who buy shares or bonds in those companies in hopes of getting a good or even a great return on their investment. Such huge companies form alliances with other similar sized companies to lobby government representatives to pass laws that protect their interests and positions in the marketplace from being threatened by companies in other countries that may have unfair advantages.

Small Businesses fall somewhere in-between. There are government agencies that guide and assist fledgling business owners in starting their companies. There are government guaranteed loans that can be used to delve into areas that might not otherwise be accessible without certain machinery or paid personnel to do the work. There are networking groups, such as chambers of commerce and trade organizations, which create forums to help small businesses market and sell by meeting and fostering relationships with people in other businesses. But, when all things are taken into account, the owners of small businesses in America depend almost entirely on themselves and, when they are done, for the most part, so are their enterprises and all the jobs that they may have created; unless the owners have put in place succession plans that work; such as sons or daughters or other relatives who will take over and run the businesses after the owners no longer can.

Small Business Next Step is designed to help fill what appears to be a gap that, alone, the small business owner, may not be able to fill when his or her succession plan comes apart at the seams, which would leave their business at risk or certain demise, which would mean dire consequences for all who work with and for those companies. Small Business Next Step offers a way for small business owners to pass their businesses on rather than to allow them to have to cease functioning when no workable way out may seem to exist. Small Business Next Step offers what we believe would be considered a “win - win” for all involved; a safe and logical "next step" for owners of small businesses with no succession plans and a creative and winning "next step" for those willing and able to take over the reigns of a working company and keep it as their own for the good of all concerned.

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