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One of the best kept secrets in our nation is that tens of millions of our fellow citizens are employed by small businesses that often lack durable succession plans and could, therefore, end literally in a heartbeat throwing their unsuspecting employees out of work.

Small Business Next Step is designed to help fill what appears to be a gap that, alone, the small business owner, may not be able to fill when his or her succession plan comes apart at the seams, which would leave his or her business at risk or subject to certain demise, which would mean dire consequences for all who work with and for those companies, should anything happen to them. Small Business Next Step offers a way for the owners of small businesses to pass their businesses on rather than to allow them to cease functioning when no workable way out may seem to exist. Small Business Next Step offers what we consider to be a “win - win” for all involved; a safe and logical "next step" for owners of small businesses with no succession plans and a creative and winning "next step" for those willing and able to take over the reins of a working company and to keep it as their own for the good of all concerned.

The goal of Small Business Next Step is to help insure against such occurances by helping the owners of small businesses who want their companies to survive beyond themselves even though how to accomplish that objective may seem to be beyond hope. At the same time every exit is also an entrance! This situation presents great opportunities for the right enterprenarial minded and trained persons.

Small Business Next Step is here to introduce successful business owners who are looking to pass the mantal of leadership on to others who can and who sincerely wish to accept it, to talented, worthy and willing entrepreneurial minded individuals who are ready in every respect to do just that.

Small Business Next Step stands ready to serve in every way possible to help the owners of small businesses to meet, engage and ready those who they deem to be right for this very special position by finding and presenting appropriate candidates and, as such individuals become the leaders-in-training in those organizations, SBNS is able to document and archive the knowledge bank needed by anyone who would be in the position to make the important desisions on an everyday basis to keep such companies moving forward and growing to the mutual benefit of all concerned; owners, employees, vendors, customers and the community-at-large.

People who are still employed do not need unemployment insurance payments and they continue to pay their taxes while they remain employed.

Small Business Next Step welcomes you if you are on either side of the equation. If you are a business owner who wants to finally solve your problem of having no succession plan, we want to help you. If you are an entrepreneurial leaning person who is ready to step up to plate, we are ready to see if we have a potential opportunity with a company that is looking for a person such as yourself.

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