Pitfalls of Small Business Ownership - Introduction

During World War II, the men in many communities were off to war and many enterprises had to make do with whoever they could get to help keep things moving. Even the Post Office was "stretching" the rules by hiring teenagers who were not-quite 18. So, there was this one youngster who was sorting mail in those little pigeon hole units while his supervisor, who had just explained the process to him, looked on in awe. The kid was absolutely amazing. "Fast" does not discribe how amazing this kid was. Da ta ta ta bop bop bop bing! The envelopes hardly touched his fingers before he had them flicked and tossed and placed neatly and securely in a little pigeon hole. The supervisor was so impressed that after waiting a little while, he interuped the kid and told him, "Son, I have been with the Postal Service for over thirty years and I have never seen a young person take to sorting mail as well you have done. You have a tremendous future with the Postal Service." But, the kid was cocky and kind of swaggerd in place and boasted, "You think this is fast? Wait 'til I learn how to read these things!"

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