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A New Portal for Business Owners and Protégés.

Business Owners

To help the owners of the estimated 1,500,000 small independent businesses in our country that currently have no business succession plan to be able to develop one that will enable them to sell their businesses, retire and, at the same time, save the jobs of the estimated 30 million employees who work for them in a way that will not only secure and solidify those jobs and income streams in perpetuity, but help shape and buttress the economy as well as the nation.
Without an effective and durable business succession plan, many small businesses will cease to exist with the retirement or death of the business owners, which will lead to the termination of the jobs provided by those businesses. The National Protégé Enterprise will harness the creativity and business acumen of those ready, willing, and able to master the elements of such businesses and through doing so to become the next generation of leadership for those very businesses. Taking over the reigns of these organizations will not only preserve them, but will eventually, it is hoped, will improve them, while continuing the progress and momentum that these companies have made in the market place. The companies and those who will then be leading them will also be able to “pay forward” the debt owed to those who started these businesses. As a result, all involved—owners, employees, suppliers, clients, customers, as well as their local communities and our nation as a whole --- will benefit.


The individuals who become the protégés—those taking over the businesses being rescued— will come from the ranks of proven leaders with advanced training and experience in strategic thinking, problem solving, communications, and budget management. The pool of candidates for these positions will include recent graduates from schools of business management or entrepreneurial programs, retired military leaders, and from a core of protégés in training established for this express purpose by the National Protégé Enterprise. All candidates will benefit from the experience of going through this special training program to help insure the highest possible degree of readiness for what will be expected of them.
The startup funds required to launch the National Protégé Enterprise can come from a variety of sources but sustaining funding can eventually be derived from the very companies the National Protégé Enterprise preserves. The “earmarked” funds that had been flowing to the original owners and their spouses through to the end of their lives and which a part of would be used to fund a charitable organization selected by the former owners would leave a remainder that would be directed to fund the good work of the National Protégé Enterprise. That remainder funding multiplied by the number companies saved or preserved and again by the number of years of successful existence could very well replace the need for sustaining funding from any other sources.
The seed money for the National Protégé Enterprise can be committed by one or more government entities such as various authorities that serve the interests of the general public in areas of transportation for example or from one or more private foundations dedicated to saving jobs, encouraging entrepreneurism or fostering community based self-sustaining assistance programs.

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