SBNS Member Services Summary

Step by step description how SBNS members use SBNS services


The first step entering SBNS member family household is registration/signup process that includes (after your email confirmation) reading and accepting terms and conditions of using this portal.
The next step is completing SBNS Member Profile Form/Questionnaire where you specify your personal, business details and requirements towards potential match: protégé - if you are a business owner and looking for succession of your business or if you are protégé - target business(es) you are looking for. This Form will be used in the lookup process to match you with your "ideal partner". You can always revisit your profile form and modify most of the profile answers.
After submitting subscription payment (by phone or mail) you are becoming fully vested SBNS member with access to all SBNS services which include basic (Profile, Search and Reporting) and additional services.

Profile and Search Services.

The Profile services will allow you to view and edit you Profile Form. The Search services will provide you with option to create and manage your own search criteria to lookup and match you with business owner or protégé you are looking for. The available list of match criteria selection includes match by location (state and city), business industry, revenue, skills, etc. The option to execute your search will produce a report: the list of matching profiles. Each profile in this list will contain a selection checkbox that you will use to provide a feedback after reviewing potential matching profile information, other business/personal details, skills and requirements.
If you are interested in one or more selected profiles you can checkmark the feedback checkbox and submit your selection to SBNS (in SBNS terminology you are submitting Connect Request). SBNS will notify (by email) selected by you members informing them that you have expressed interest in them providing your profile information.

If your profile information will trigger interest by at least one of selected members they can accept your connect request and the positive response/email will be sent to you and SBNS Administrator for your connection approval. After this connection is approved the Chat services will open for you and the member you selected. Both of you can use this chat board to exchange personal information, phone numbers, email addresses and continue your conversation on the personal and private level.

Reporting Services

The Reporting services provide you with options to view your last report - last search results report. This report can be used for matching profile selection and submission the same way as during first search results view. The next option in the Reporting section is presented to view all reports/searches conducted by you listed in the date order. You also can view all your connection requests (listed the Reporting section too) and requests that directed to you as the other members match connection requests.

Additional services (optional) might be provided to help you and selected partner to finalize your succession plans.

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