Small Business News

Everything counts when you are running a small business. Not knowing what is going on in the world can be costly. So, if we feel it has even a remote or tangential connection to the life of small business owners in our country, we are interested in including it here as a resource. We invite contributions of links to articles, notifications of scheduled events or meetings, interesting books, films, television programs, plays, recorded presentations and the like so that we may post them for the benefit of all who might find them of interest.

The following is a list of links to organizations and their websites that have often proven valuable sources of information helpful to small business owners:

Bloomberg - Small Business
Crain's New York - Small Business
Fortune - Small Business
FOX Business - Small Business
National Federation of Independent Business
New York City Small Business Services
The New York Times: Entrepreneurship
Reuters - Small Business
State of California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development - Offcie of Small Business Advocate
State of Florida - Small Business Guide for Entrepreneurs
State of New York - Empire State Development - Division of Small Business

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